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What Are Organic Terpenes And How Do You Use Them?

Whether you're a retail consumer learning more about the products you're buying or someone looking to create your own products, you may be aware of terpenes, or wondering what they are and how they impact different products. Terpenes are the natural plant components that give plants their unique scents. The same way you can buy organic produce grown without the use of synthetic chemicals and GMOs, you can buy organic terpenes which are sourced from organically grown plants. Let's talk about what organic terpenes are and how they can be harnessed to create wholesale terpene blends.

The Essence of Nature: Organic Terpenes Uncovered

At their core, organic terpenes are terpenes sourced from plants that were grown organically.. These compounds found in the oils of healthy plants are the reason that lavender, citrus, pine, and grass all smell the way they do. Fruits and vegetables have unique terpenes and flavonoids that impact their scent and flavor, and the same can be said for cannabis and hemp plants. These terpenes can be extracted from the plants and added to all sorts of products to enhance their aroma and flavor. The same way there are indica and sativa plants, there are also indica terpenes and sativa terpenes, and many individual strains with their own unique terpene profile.

We source our botanical terpenes from real plants and infuse them with the same natural terpenes noted in legendary strains like Afghan Kush and Grape Ape.

Enhance Your Products With Wholesale Terpene Blends

Our terpene blends and organic terpenes can be added to any product to enhance its aroma and flavor. We offer wholesale pricing and bulk deals for people looking to create large scale terpene-enhanced products. Our food grade terpenes can be added to edibles, and all of our terpenes can be added to vapes, oils, and flower to enhance their scent.

The Quest for Purity: Finding the Best Terpenes Online

Buying terpenes online doesn't need to be hard. Whether you're looking for organic terpenes, wholesale terpene blends, or smaller batches of terpenes for homebrew, there are plenty of qualified, legitimate sellers to purchase from. Above all else, verify that the company you're buying from is selling legitimate terpenes. The way you can check this is by verifying that they have certificates of analysis available for view, and an additional safety data page informing you how to use the products. These should be visible on any individual product page, but some businesses may store them all on one central page. If you can't find a COA and safety page, you should shop with a more trusted seller. Along with safety data and COAs, make sure the business you're buying from has good reviews on the product you're buying. A quick search for a company name and their product will pull up reviews from people who have tried the product.

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