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Revolutionizing the 
Cannabis Industry

At Xtra Labs, we’re on a mission to revolutionize the cannabis industry through relentless innovation and products that set new standards. With integrity, quality, and transparency as our guiding values, we redefine what’s possible, pushing boundaries and shaping the future. Join us in unlocking the incredible potential of cannabis and empowering lives. Let’s revolutionize together.

xtra labs white lab coat

Extraction Excellence

Quality Assurance

At Xtra Laboratories, we specialize in state-of-the-art cannabis extraction techniques, unlocking the full potential of the plant’s beneficial compounds.

Guaranteed consistency and purity. Our rigorous quality control ensures every Xtra Labs product meets the highest industry standards.

Product Innovation

Industry Collaboration

Exceptional experiences through cutting-edge product development at Xtra Labs. Catering to diverse preferences with unique formulations.

Driving innovation and shaping the future. We collaborate with industry leaders, sharing knowledge and expertise to advance the cannabis industry.

Our Standards

Xtra Labs’  
Product Lineup

Discover the exceptional product lineup of Xtra Labs. Experience strain-specific botanical blends, full spectrum extracts, enticing fruit flavors, and innovative fusion blends. With meticulous craftsmanship, our products offer high purity and exceptional quality. Choose from over 60 botanical blends, 30 full spectrum options, and 10 fusion blends. We also provide white label CBD product creation and custom flavor and terpene product creation. Explore the world of Xtra Labs and indulge in sensory delights today.

  • 63 blends made from premium botanical sources, with high purity, diverse terpene profiles, and affordable pricing.

  • Over 100 terpenes and essential plant resins create a smooth, earthy satisfaction. Try our 30 unique blends today.

  • Pure fruit flavors. No additives. Custom blends. Authentic taste. Consistent quality. Versatile 5-10% range. Food-grade. Nostalgic candy flavors.

  • Dynamic Fusion Blends: Strain + fruit combo. 10 amazing options. Stable, authentic, 5-9% strength.

  • Unbranded Fuego CBD products. Custom formulations, THC-free cartridges, exclusive hardware. Bulk pricing. Diverse product range

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