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Discover the ultimate cannabis experience with xtra labs’ diverse product lineup.

Live Resin

Experience the Freshness of the Plant with Xtra Labs’ Live Resin.

Our live resin terpene blends are made with freshly harvested cannabis plants, ensuring the ultimate flavor and experience.

Maui Wowie Live Resin 8 oz

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Enhance your cannabis experience with personalized terpene profiles using our innovative calculator.

Quality and 

Experience the difference with Xtra Labs - a trusted industry leader delivering exceptional cannabis products. Our commitment to purity, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Choose excellence. Choose Xtra Labs.

  • At Xtra Laboratories, we specialize in state-of-the-art cannabis extraction techniques, unlocking the full potential of the plant’s beneficial compounds.

  • Exceptional experiences through cutting-edge product development at Xtra Labs. Catering to diverse preferences with unique formulations.

  • Guaranteed consistency and purity. Our rigorous quality control ensures every Xtra Labs product meets the highest industry standards.

  • Driving innovation and shaping the future. We collaborate with industry leaders, sharing knowledge and expertise to advance the cannabis industry.

The Best Quality Terpenes For Sale

Xtra Laboratories was created to elevate the production of organic terpenes and provide consumers with the high-quality products they need. We’ve produced the most comprehensive selection of terpenes for sale in quantities ranging from 2ml up to whole gallons.

Terpene Selection

Xtra labs are at the forefront of terpene innovation. We live in the lab, creating new strain-specific terpenes for your enjoyment. We make it xtra easy to find terpenes for sale using our product filters to sort by price, flavor, full spectrum, and California-compliant terpenes and flavors.

Our organic terpenes are free from fillers and synthetics like PEG, MCT, VG, and PG. Our botanical terpenes are made from natural botanical sources produced in GMP facilities for purity and quality control.

Our live resin terpenes are manufactured and formulated in the USA to create high-quality and high-purity products. We specialize in quality control and the ability to produce strain-specific flavor profiles for both standard as well as custom solutions for any type of use.

Our fusion line combines botanical terpenes with fruit flavors for a dual experience. Users will experience the profile of the strain in the inhale and the fruit flavor on the exhale, creating a rounded vaping experience.

Where to Buy Terpenes?

Xtra Laboratories is the best place to buy quality the best terpenes and custom terpenes and flavors. We make it simple to buy terpenes online or to work with our team to create a custom terpene and flavor profile that is ideal for your next product. We have extremely fast turnaround times, with your unique flavor or blend available within five to seven business days.

We also offer great deals on terpenes for sale in our Bulk Deals category. Look for lower prices and free products with each of the bulk deals we offer.

For more information on our terpenes and flavors or questions about how to buy terpenes online from our site, call us at 480-968-6569 or send us a message today.

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