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Xtra Laboratories | Premium Terpene Flavors

If you’ve spent any time in the cannabis space, you know that producing convincing recreations of specific cannabis strain profiles is no easy task. With our proprietary genetic mapping and in-house extraction techniques, Xtra Laboratories produces truly best-in-class blends of terpene flavors. If you’re seeking high-purity, organic terpenes in the famous flavors that are most requested by name throughout the cannabis world, look no further than Xtra Laboratories.

The Xtra Laboratories Story: A Hunt for Exceptional Purity and Quality

The Xtra Laboratories story began in 2016 when three cannabis professionals decided to make the leap from managing a top-tier Arizona dispensary to creating the world’s best terpene flavors. Harnessing their laserlike focus on purity and quality, the group consulted with thousands of cannabis patients to assess what the industry was lacking before commencing production.

Today, the company’s blends of terpene flavors are formulated using high-quality, high-purity terpenes sourced solely from American GMP facilities. Here’s an introduction to the major types we offer and their specific characteristics and effects.

Terpene Types

Here’s a breakdown of our three terpene formulation types: Live resin, full-spectrum, and botanical.

Live Resin: The Cream of the Crop

Creating a level of sophistication typically not found with live resin alone, our premium offerings incorporate a purity and authenticity unattainable by any other means. These peerless live resin terpene blends allow select manufacturers to create truly memorable and cutting-edge products.

Full-Spectrum: Incredibly Realistic Flavor Terpenes

Relying on proprietary genetic mapping techniques, Xtra Laboratories analyzes real cannabis-derived terpenes and natural botanical isolates to create industry-leading, full-spectrum terpene blends. The end result allows consumers to experience a more authentic flavor profile characterized by longer draws and increased “below the neck” effects. With custom sativa, indica, and hybrid profile options, there’s sure to be a formulation that will pair perfectly with your product.

Botanical Terpenes: Focus, Uplift, Calm, & Sleep

This line of premium, strain-specific blends is formulated and manufactured using organic non-GMO terpene isolates. All of them are sourced from US-based GMP facilities and filtered twice for exceptional purity and clarity. Use them to juice your distillates and jazz up your edibles!

Terpene Flavors

We have an array of flavor combinations made using only organic terpenes to delight the palate. We never use synthetics and our flavors are all food grade.

Fruit Flavors: Irresistible, Lifelike Blends

With a focus on improving the popular flavor profiles that dominate the cannabis sector, our fruity terpene flavors don’t rely on PG, VG, MCT, or any other unnatural acronyms! With juicy and nostalgic fruit-forward flavors such as Watermelon Gum, Peach Rings, and Blue Razz, we guarantee they’ll be a hit.

Fusions: Strain-Specific Profiles “Juiced” with Fruit Flavor

What happens when you combine best-in-class strain-specific blends with incredibly realistic fruit flavors? Our fusions offer a whirlwind of flavor and effect, combining cannabis-forward notes true to the featured strain and accentuated by fun and nostalgic fruit flavors.

Terpene Effects

One of the most critical questions facing manufacturers is: What specific effects are terpene flavors known for? Our line of botanical terpenes answers that question with four categories calibrated for consistent, reliable effects including:

  • Focus: Optimizing clarity and creativity

  • Uplift: Subtle mood-boosting

  • Calm: Calibrated to foster non-drowsy centeredness

  • Sleep: Gentle sedative enhancement for deeper rest

Drawing on our deep knowledge of specific terpenes and their physiological effects both individually and in combination, Xtra Laboratories creates highly-targeted, custom blends that address users’ specific symptoms and needs. While desired effect is essential to our formulations, we also vow never to skimp on flavor. Pairing solutions with deliciousness is the Xtra experience.

Flavor Terpenes: The Xtra Difference

As our many customers can attest, when you “add a little Xtra” to your product, you’ll deliver a truly exceptional experience to your consumer. They’ll enjoy enhanced effects while you increase your bottom line with repeat business.

Want to know more about our terpene flavors? Reach out anytime.


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