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Xtra Laboratories | Crafting Exceptional Terpenes for Sleep

At Xtra Laboratories, we use high-tech tools—such as genetic mapping and proprietary extraction techniques—to produce terpene blends we believe are truly unmatched in the marketplace. All the research, know-how, and hard work that goes into crafting the best terpene-loaded products are tailored with the goals of the end user in mind. One of the most crucial reasons people seek cannabis solutions is to access terpenes for sleep.

Identifying and isolating the best terpenes for sleep is our passion here at Xtra Laboratories. Because it’s mission-critical that we create consistent, effective results without skimping on flavor, we devote a great deal of time and effort to producing custom terpene blends that deliver the goods.

If you’re interested in sourcing the best terpenes for sleep, here are the four terpenes we rely on most heavily to promote restful slumber.

What Are the Best Terpenes for Sleep?

As numerous clinical studies suggest, terpenes work in concert with cannabinoids such as THC and CBD to produce an “entourage effect” that potentiates each others’ actions. While these interactions are by nature complex, and our scientific understanding of them is still evolving, the following essential compounds have been identified as four of the best terpenes for sleep.


The most abundant of the cannabis terpenes, myrcene is sometimes known as “the mother of all terpenes” for its importance in the plant’s ecosystem. Myrcene is believed to be responsible for the “couch lock” effect experienced with some indica and indica-leaning strains of cannabis.

Over and above this, clinical studies support myrcene’s effectiveness at promoting restful slumber. Myrcene is prevalent in many cannabis strains including Grape Ape, a potent indica.


Actually a pair of closely related terpenes, Alpha-pinene and Beta-pinene are characterized by their distinctive resinous aroma. Pinene is commonly found in pine trees, making it the most abundant terpene on the planet.

When it comes to terpenes for sleep, research suggests that pinene increases the proportion of non-REM sleep in a sleep cycle, which is known to reduce sleep latency (as well as contribute to an overall reduction in anxiety). Pinene is abundant in Granddaddy Purple, among many other strains.


Commonly found in the stress-fighting herb lavender, linalool has been shown to prompt the production of adenosine, a hormone that helps lull us to slumber. In another study, linalool helped a group of elderly patients get restful sleep without grogginess. The soothing properties of linalool reign in Romulan and many other strains.


Known for its anxiolytic or anxiety-reducing properties, Beta-Caryophyllene helps us relax and unwind. Its analgesic properties also make it one of the best terpenes for sleep. Beta-Caryophyllene is found in Bubba Kush, among other strains of cannabis.

Which Terpenes Make You Sleepy? The Xtra Difference

Since our launch in 2016, Xtra Laboratories has been on a mission to create the world’s best terpene flavors. Today, our custom blends help end users find deeper, more restful sleep, among the many other benefits terpenes offer. We’re proud to use high-quality, high-purity terpenes sourced solely from American GMP facilities.

As our many customers can attest, when you “add a little Xtra” to your product, you’ll deliver a truly exceptional experience to your consumer. They’ll enjoy enhanced effects while you increase your bottom line with repeat business.

Want to know more about harnessing the power of terpenes for sleep or have questions about our products? Reach out anytime!


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