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Terpene Flavor Fusions | Xtra Laboratories

Terpene Flavor Fusions | Xtra Laboratories

If you thought the science of creating terpene infused blends was all work and no play, let us set you straight: Xtra Laboratories’ Fusions combine the hard science of strain specific terpene blends with fun flavor fusions. The result? A sure-fire marriage of expertly crafted strain-specific effects with people-pleasing fruity finishes.

From our top-selling Maui Wowie & Miami Vice & Tropical fusion strain blend to the lip-smacking Tangie & Mango, it’s no secret why these terpene infused flavor fusions are among our most popular offerings. Here’s the story behind our Fusion line, and why you may want to add these fun-filled flavorings to your own product line.

Infused Terpenes: What They Are and How They Work

The success of our Fusion line hinges on the power, efficacy, and purity of our proprietary Full Spectrum Terpenes. Terpenes, of course, are the planet’s largest and most diverse family of organic compounds, lending characteristic aromas and flavors to countless plants, animals, even insects! Even when limited to the topic of cannabis, researchers have identified at least 150 terpenes, each of which imparts their own specific flavors, aromas, and characteristic effects.

As we’ll explore in deeper detail, these “essential oils” are crucial when it comes to the user experience of individual cannabis strains, and we humbly believe our offerings are second to none. Using high-tech tools such as genetic mapping and proprietary extraction techniques, we’ve created custom terpene blends that deliver highly targeted, consistent, and effective results.

In addition to incredibly realistic flavor profiles, these exceptional products deliver the noticeably enhanced body effects associated with high-quality terpene blends. And judging from the exceptional feedback we’re so proud to have earned, end users know quality when they taste it.

So, what are infused terpenes? In short, they’re terpene blends that are used to infuse a wide variety of products, from food and beverages to cosmetics, aromatherapy and of course cannabis products. In general, products containing infused terpenes tend to be more potent and flavorful than those that lack them. And in addition to lending their unique scents and flavors, these terpenes impart specific medicinal, synergetic, and subjective effects. Let’s take a moment to explore all three.

The Benefits and Uses of Terpenes

As traditional and folk doctors have known for literally thousands of years, terpenes impart medical benefits. For instance, Alpha-pinene and Beta-pinene have been shown to potentially help limit the effects of certain neurodegenerative conditions and promote clearer thinking and memory function. And as detailed in several clinical studies, limonene imparts a subtle anti-depressant effect and spurs the production of serotonin and dopamine, two vital neurotransmitters that play important roles in supporting our mental health.

But one reason that using best-quality terpenes is so important in cannabis is that terpenes can synergize the actions of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. One study suggests that the terpene alpha-pinene interacts with THC, helping to counteract the cannabinoid’s negative impact on short-term memory. Other research suggests that specific terpenes can help potentiate the mood-boosting and anxiety-reducing actions of these cannabinoids.

And last but not least there are the subjective (or “user”) effects imparted by various terpenes. A number of studies have examined these important effects, finding that because terpene content is robustly inherited and less influenced by environmental factors, specific flavors could represent a reliable vector to characterize the psychoactive effects of cannabis. In other words, the nose knows. There’s a reason seasoned cannabis users gravitate towards specific strains and brands, and those that deliver consistent, exceptional quality rise to the top.

Why Choose Flavor Fusions for Your Terpene Infused Products?

When we began formulating our Fusions line, our goal was to combine the potency and efficacy of exceptional-quality terpenes and flavors with all the fun of fruit flavors developed specifically for the cannabis industry.

What does this mean? For one thing, Xtra Laboratories infused terpenes are developed in-house using cutting-edge mapping techniques, so they never taste artificial, “canned” or fake. For another, they include the critical flavonoids found in actual strains. A class of phytochemical compounds found in cannabis among many other sources, they’re somewhat like terpenes in that they exhibit both specific aromatic as well as medicinal effects.

Our flavor fusions show up in a wide variety of custom products and blends. The Fruit Rings strain, for instance, is captured in our Mimosa & Peach Rings blend. The Tropical Fusion strain stars in our aforementioned (but ever-popular) Maui Wowie & Miami Vice & Tropical fusion blend. And the Fusion OG strain is the star player in our Blueberry OG & Blueberry blend, an homage to the classic OG strains of cannabis lore. Each of them offer a unique blend of highly precise, consistent effects and flavors guaranteed to win your brand loyal fans and followers.

Infused Terpenes: The Xtra Laboratories Difference

We exceptionally proud of the hard work we’ve put into crafting our terpene blends. And as our many happy customers know, when you “add a little xtra” to your product, you’re delivering a truly exceptional experience to your customers with enhanced effects (and a boost to your bottom line).

Of course, flavor fusions aren’t Xtra’s only offering. We’d love to tell you about our huge line of botanical terpenes, super-premium live resin terpenes, and even custom made-to-order terpene blends.

Not sure where to begin the journey? Start with one of our terpene blend sample packs, offering an easy and inexpensive way to explore our expansive catalog.

Do you want to learn more about terpene infused products, the Tropical Fusion strain, or any other topics in the world of terpenes? Reach out anytime; we’re here to help!


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