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Full Spectrum Terpene Blends | Xtra Laboratories

In the cannabis world, you see a lot of terms tossed around without a lot of context. One of the most popular—and least understood—is “full spectrum terpenes.”

If you’re in the business of creating cannabis of hemp concentrates and other products, we think you should know exactly what full-spectrum means, and why it connotes an attention to detail and level of quality that sets top-tier producers apart from the rest. Here’s the story of these aromatic cannabis and hemp terpenes, and why you should consider adding them to your product line.

What is High Terpene Full Spectrum (HTFS)?

One acronym you might have come across as it relates to terpenes is “HTFS” which stands for “high terpene full spectrum” and is often used to describe a specific type of extract.

But let’s start with the basics: What are terpenes, and why are they so important in the world of cannabis? Terpenes are aromatic compounds found throughout the natural world. In fact, they’re the largest and most diverse group of naturally occurring compounds, being found in plants, trees, even some insects and animals.

Thus far, researchers have identified at least 150 terpenes in the cannabis and hemp plants.

That said, not all terpenes are created equal. When cannabis production processes require terpenes to be reintroduced after extraction, there’s a qualitative difference between a standard terpene blend and a full spectrum one that creates an incredibly flavorful, realistic, and medically useful experience.

That’s precisely why Xtra Laboratories created our full spectrum line of terpene blends. Mimicking the incredible complexity of the cannabis plant itself, each full spectrum terpene blend we produce relies on a combination of botanical and hemp terpenes, flavonoids, and other natural compounds to create incredibly lifelike strain profiles. We offer over 50 strains with 100% consistency from batch to batch.

While it’s far more labor-intensive and costly to extract true hemp terpenes as opposed to botanical ones, the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. This premium product class delivers an elevated experience including notably enhanced “below the neck” effects. The results speak for themselves: longer draw times and greater end-user satisfaction and brand loyalty. With faithful recreations of blockbuster strains including Sour Diesel, Runtz, and Cookies & Cream, it’s no mystery why this family of exceptional products is the gold standard when it comes to terpene blends.

What Are the Benefits of High Terpene and Full Spectrum?

On top of their characteristic aromas, a growing body of research suggests that terpenes have the potential to impart beneficial medical effects as well as their characteristic flavors and aromas. Certain terpenes may be associated with specific health benefits, including the ability to promote restful slumber, help reduce pain, and exert antidepressant effects.

Over and above this, research suggests that when terpenes are combined with other cannabis compounds, their medicinal benefits only multiply. As numerous clinical studies suggest, terpenes work in concert with cannabinoids such as THC and CBD to produce an “entourage effect,” potentiating each others’ actions.

Those beneficial interactions are a key reason Xtra Laboratories focuses so much of our efforts on producing full spectrum terpene blends. Leaning on high-tech tools like genetic mapping and proprietary extraction techniques, xtra laboratories produces exceptional terpene blends that deliver consistent and exceptional results for producers, consumers and your bottom line.

Full Spectrum Terpenes: The Xtra Laboratories Difference

Since our launch in 2016, Xtra Laboratories has committed itself to creating the world’s best terpene flavors and blends. We’re proud to use high-quality, high-purity terpenes sourced solely from American GMP facilities.

We formulate our full-spectrum blends from an inventory of over 100 terpenes and additional flavonoids for a truly unique and complex experience. And as so many of our customers know, when you “add a little xtra” to your product, you’re delivering a truly exceptional experience.

Want to know more about harnessing the power of full spectrum terpenes? Questions about our full spectrum blends? Reach out anytime!


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