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Xtra Laboratories | Crafting Exceptional Live Resin Terpenes

Live Resin Terpenes

For cannabis fans, live resins truly constitute the cream of the crop and the ultimate test of quality. With hyperrealistic flavor profiles derived from an unusual, high-tech processing method, premium brands know their live resin terpenes must truly deliver the goods.

That’s where Xtra Laboratories comes in. Applying our proprietary genetic mapping and in-house extraction techniques, we produce best-in-class live resin terpenes that are truly unmatched elsewhere in the marketplace. If you’re seeking the finest, high-purity live resin terpenes for sale, look no further. Let’s dig into the benefits of live resin and the factors that make our version of these live terpenes so special.

What Are Live Resin Terpenes?

Traditionally, cannabis flower is cured—or carefully dried—after harvest. While expert cultivation and careful handling can result in an exceptional product, there’s no way to reverse the natural degradation of aromatic, flavorful, and therapeutically relevant terpenes that begins immediately after harvest.

Live resins offer an alternative. Because the flower is flash-frozen while alive or immediately after harvest, a far lower proportion of those precious terpenes are lost. Although this methodology requires more effort and technology, it’s why live resin terpenes are renowned for their unmatched level of flavor effects.

At Xtra Laboratories, we reserve our proprietary live resin terpenes for use with only the finest premium products on the market. Derived from the best all-natural cannabis plant material we can source, our live resin terpenes create a level of sophistication that’s simply unattainable elsewhere. Boasting remarkable purity and authenticity, our peerless live resin terpenes—made using sought-after strains such as Mimosa and Jack Herer—enhance manufacturing, resulting in a truly premium product experience.

Full-Spectrum vs Live Resin Terpenes

In a sector that can sometimes lean too heavily on jargon, it’s understandable that terms such as “live resin terpenes” and “full-spectrum terpenes” often get confused. At Xtra Laboratories we produce both. Here are the crucial differences between the two options.

As we shared a moment ago, live resin terpenes are extracted from flash-frozen cannabis flower. This means that the trichomes haven’t yet had time to degrade. As such, all Xtra live resin terpenes are processed at the absolute peak of potency and flavor, suitable for this most rarefied of cannabis classifications.

By comparison, our full-spectrum terpenes are crafted from highest-quality cured cannabis flower using a more traditional approach. These industry-leading, full-spectrum botanical blends allow end users to experience an authentic flavor profile, characterized by longer draws and increased “below the neck” effects, at a more more accessible industry rate.

Whether our terpenes are destined for live resin applications or not, Xtra Laboratories relies on proprietary genetic mapping and in-house extraction techniques to analyze the actual cannabis-derived terpenes and craft natural botanical isolates to match them with unparalleled precision. These highly-targeted custom blends satisfy the end users’ specific needs and preferences while delivering outsized flavor and effects.

Live Resin Terpenes For Sale: The Xtra Difference

As our many customers can attest, when you “add a little Xtra” to your product, you’ll deliver a truly exceptional experience to your consumer. They’ll enjoy enhanced effects while you increase your bottom line with repeat business.

Want to know more about our live terpenes? We invite you to reach out anytime.


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